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Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Thou Shalt NOT Steal

Created By Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb

A Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb Presentation


old time religion Tent Revival Preacher snapshot

old time religion Tent Revival Preacher snapshot c. 1940  Collection Jim Linderman


Where is Jesus ? old time religion

Where is Jesus?  Follow the arrows!
Original snapshot circa 1935 Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion WCTU Women's Christian Temperance Union

old time religion WCTU Women's Christian Temperance Union. 

Most active around 1900, the group still exists!  I am not sure if they still occupy taverns and drop down to their knees until the beer stops flowing.  "Agitate, Educate, Legislate" was their unofficial motto.  I wonder if some bloated "doctor-shopping" Oxycontin addict like Rush Limbaugh would accuse them of being "actors" and "hired by George Soros" like they would have today.  The women were right, of course.  Alcohol does kill and break up marriages, but to each his own.  
Women's Christian Temperance Union homemade poster.  Circa 1920?  Collection Jim Linderman


Outsider Art Jesus

Outsider Art Jesus by a  "Hollis"  no date.
Collection old time religion Jim Linderman


old time religion Jehovah's Witness Sound car

There is a big rally coming, and you are going to hear about it.  Jehovah's Witness Sound Truck circa 1950 Original Vernacular photograph collection old time religion. Courtesy Natalie Curley Antiques


old time religion No Comment on this one.

For Parents of Retarded Children by G. Breitenbeck  1958 Liguori, Missouri.  Collection old time religion.

Straight Christian Cover Boy Pen Pal of the Month! old time religion

From Straight Magazine (1964) the perfect pen pal! Old Time Religion pre-approved upstanding gentleman! 

First Drive-in Church ? old time religion Park n' Pray

When was the first drive-in church?  A silent video on You tube attempts to claim it was in 1950.  Watch the preacher make the rounds of parked autos with a collection plate.  The idea here certainly tied into the motion picture drive-in fad. Seeing the preacher go from car to car reminds me of another 1950s scene, the Roller skating hamburger servers. Car hops.  Truthfully, anyone would rather watch nubiles on skates than a church service, and I'll have fries with that.  That is, unless Jesus showed up in the lot, and I find no record of that happening.  

The real photo postcards here could be dated by automobile model, and even by the card stock used (AZO, generally popular around 1910)  I find no indication of location,  but this enterprising evangelist had the idea decades before this video. 

Pair of Real Photo Postcard RPPC images. c. 1910 - 1920 Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Elite Dancing and BAD Amusements

old time religion Elite Dancing and BAD Amusements!  Are the holidays over yet? 
Illustration J. W. Van De Venter circa 1914.



old time religion Signs and Wonders which Prove the Bible!

In which evangelist Nicholas Pirolo "proves" Bible passages are true by finding "natural" events which correspond.  For example, a ship being sucked out of the water and up into the atmosphere, A sign appeared in the sky over Milwaukee reading "666 is coming soon" and "an angel appeared in the sky in Finland facing towards Russia."  Oh...and a gigantic devil snake appeared in the sky too.  Oh...and a river ran red with blood in Michigan.  All of them now documented and proven!  Some 100 goofy examples! Heaven and on Earch by Nicolas Pirolo "Word and Witness Publishing Company" 1940 Chicago.  50 cents.  Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Woman in their Place

Well, it's good to know the evangelicals are working on the women problem.
old time religion is weekly.  Study them all.

old time religion in the American South photos by Jim Linderman

old time religion in the American South two original photographs by Jim Linderman circa 1990
Published in AMERICAN FOLK ART IN PLACE available in ebook, paperback  HERE

old time religion Where will you spend Eternity? Pray Through! RPPC Evangelist Revival Church

old time religion Where will you spend Eternity?  Pray Through!  Interior of Bob Johnson Evangelistic Party Lehighton, PA Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Not a MINUTE too soon! How to Prepare for the Big One

old time religion suggests you memorize a few passages of the bible ASAP.  It could happen any day.
Undated emergency pamphlet from Winona Lake, Indiana.  No Date.  Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion On OUR Reading List Best Sellers by John Bray

old time religion 30 cents each.  Nutjob preacher John L. Bray peddles his best sellers.  Within, he suggest to purchase each in bulk to force upon others! 


old time religion invents "Follow the Bouncing Ball" Hymn Sing-a-long Motion Picture Glass Slide Projection and Mount of Wood

old time religion invents "Follow the Bouncing Ball"  but all this time I thought Mitch Miller did it!  Well, no ball here, but you get the connection.  Sticker on mount reads "Hymn Coming to the Cross" #193.  Jeepers.  I wonder if it was a favorite of the crowd.  I guess, more likely, the organ player would somehow kick the guy in the projector before the sermon and give him the numbers required before the show.   I found someone doing it online, but I won't link to them here.  Nothing here is for sale, and they are selling it! I can't tell you how many of the religious ditties actually cost money when they were available. (Oh, wait..I have books for sale...never mind.)  I DO know who bought it for me to post, and that was really nice. She gave it to me. Free.  I date it to the WAY before drive-ins...but not too many would be singing along late there anyway.

Glass Slide Projection Lyrics for a theater, church or revival.   Date?  Maybe 1900 - 1930? Collection Jim Linderman 


Old Time Religion Darkness and the Natural Evil

Old Time Religion Darkness and the Natural Evil.  The Lord do all these things.
Print by "Weston" 1901.  Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Evangelist T. C. Person has no Girls

old time religion Evangelist T. C. Person has no Girls.  1917 mailed postcard collection Jim Linderman


old time religion all adds up! Teaching the Book of Revelation 1,190 times!

old time religion in which numbers don't lie!  Well...take that with a grain of salt.  Dr. Vallowe aims to "make the bible relevant to the contemporary man" but I seriously doubt it.  Anyone who can "logic" out a prophecy is probably a little confused.



old time religion in which professor Jensen presents his scientific findings about the devil.
Street handout card invitation 1932.  Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Uncle Sam Mourns by Dr. E. J. Pace

old time religion unusual newspaper drawing by the master religious cartoonist E. J. Pace.  Interestingly, Uncle Sam has had color added, likely by a child? Unknown publication, Newsprint
circa 1930?  From a scrapbook Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion DVBS (or how to ruin your kid's summer)

DVBS in old time religion speak means Daily Vacation Bible School.  DAILY!!!  Jeez, Christian Taliban!  Every day of summer?  I'd be furious if I were a 6th grader and my friends were down at the old fishing hole while I was playing the lame games for sale in this catalog from 1946.  I am sure plenty of kids were destroyed.  Maybe the parents were thinking it would be okay to ruin their child's summer because they would get another life after they went to heaven! 

A Complete Plan for your DVBS Catalog and "idea book" of games which do not challenge the little bit.


old time religion De Grado in the Lion's Den and Power over all THINGS (!!!)

old time religion De Grado in the Lion's Den!  Joe here stares down the lion's just like Daniel!  He has power over all things! 

Dominion and Power over all things by Joseph De Grado.  Self-published pamphlet, 28 pages.  No Date.  Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Satan that old Devil by Evangelist Dorothy Davis

old time religion Satan that old Devil by Evangelist Dorothy Davis (with help from Brother Bill?)  Typical warnings and faith healing diatribe from the golden era of religious crackpots.  No Date (Circa 1968?) Collection Jim Linderman  63 pages.  If you are waiting for the Kindle edition, keep waiting.


old time religion The Lord is our King Memory Card 1903

"Sewing" card for children with old time religion themes were mailed one a week to subscribers.  Thread was slipped through pre-punched holes.  Dated 1903. Courtesy Natalie Curley Antiques
Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion "faith healer" and "prophet" Charles Young Scam in Sackcloth

Old time religion nut job "prophet" faith-healer and fraud Charles Young "God is our Doctor" preaches in sackcloth to lend a common man touch to his illogical, hurtful bile.  I'm pretty tolerant here, but what really gets my face wrinkled up is a fake faith healer.  No, Mr. Young, you can not cure disease.  "Faith" healers are the worst kind of ruse. Why does the preacher wear sackcloth?  Because "God" talked to him in 1966  and said to.  "Since that time I have ministered in sackcloth across the nation" says the bilker of funds, but wait.  God spoke to him AGAIN a year later, put 12 angels in front of his face.  Too bad "Words can never explain what took place during that time."  Hmm.  I dunno.  If you subscribe to his "Prophetic Voice" newsletter, he might tell you.  I'm not sure if I should spell "prophet" "profit" instead.

Why I preach in Sackcloth by Charles Young No Date Collection Jim Linderman


Street Preacher snapshot old time religion Collection Jim Linderman

old time religion Manhattan Street Preacher original snapshot circa 1960 Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Eyes wide Open Jesus

old time religion Eyes wide Open Jesus circa 1950 watercolor.  Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Easter in HOLLYWOOD

old time religion Easter in HOLLYWOOD

old time religion RAW WHITE MEN Yhugm the CANNIBAL SAVED

old time religion RAW WHITE MEN Yhugm the CANNIBAL SAVED! Yhugm didn't even have a meat thermometer, so he risked food poisoning every day!  Fortunately,  there was a power line he could follow!


old time religion Super Well-Groomed Adam and Eve Disprove Evolution

old time religion Super Well-Groomed Adam and Eve Disprove Evolution


Harold "Bo" Daniels Boy Preacher and Power Transferer old time religion

old time religion Harold "Bo" Daniel was at one time the youngest preacher in the Assembly of God.  He began preaching at AGE SIX!  Jeepers.  What the hell was he preaching about?  Toys?

Bo apparently wrote a song once titled "I'm So Glad for the Blood of Jesus" but I'm not sure if anyone recorded it.  It always struck me odd that someone hoping to spread the gospel would limit their content by copyright, but I judge not.  Anyway, Bo has a copyright on the song.

The "Find a Grave" website has a picture of Bo, but he is all grown up.   In the book, Bo tells of a strange encounter.  A patient receiving "electrical treatments"  has light bulbs pressed against his chest.  They light up with the power to run a tram car!  It was the power of almighty god.  "Some people possess dynamite power, but have it wrapped in firecracker packages.  Unleash that power now!"

Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Baptism in a Swimming Pool DUNKED WITNESSES

A somewhat biased photo reporter indexes his published photograph for the files.  "WITNESSES DUNKED" in red grease pen!  This original press photo taken in 1953.  The caption attached reads "..immersed in the waters of a public swimming pool, here during a ceremony at which thousands reportedly were baptized ad Jehovah's Witnesses..."

Original Press Photograph 1953 Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Folk Art Jesus Fights Halloween on an Envelope Cachet Letter

Whew.  old time religion Folk Art Jesus Fights Halloween on a Stamp Cachet!  Some fellow was so upset the devil's holiday (halloween) was gaining prominence (you know, the Halloween Agenda) that he drew up his own jesus "Christ is the King" envelope and dated it on October 31.  When he got around to it, he mailed it from Christian, West Virginia.  What strange medicine is this? 
Hand Drawn cachet envelope 1954 Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Putting the Women in their Place (Busy Bodies and Bossy Women)

old time religion continues a special treat by presenting yet another miracle by W. V. Grant!  No, not the book...the miracle is that THREE MILLION ARE IN PRINT!  Well, Rev. Grant knows thou shall not lie, so I believe him.  The books in his line sold for fifty cents each. THAT is a good sum to share with any "busy body or bossy woman" for sure.  Well, what can I say...Grant must have had a way with the ladies.  Those in the church, anyway.  Reverend Grant also wrote "A Mark on the Forehead" and "Men in the Flying Saucers Identified" so take his instructions to women with a grain of salt.

Putting the Women in their Place.  No Date.  Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion one thousand dollar reward?

old time religion Must I Pray for a Miracle or a $1,000 Reward?  Pamphlet cover (detail)
Faith Healers Publications Texas Collection Jim Linderman


SOUNDS FROM THE AIR book available from Blurb

The NEW Book by Jim Linderman and Dull Tool Dim Bulb is SOUNDS FROM THE AIR! explores the power of vintage photographs to show that which is not there!  Visions of sound waves and the magic of radio is told in 78 pages of anonymous photographs.  The language of ether revealed!  $19.99 paperback, $8.99 instant PDF download. 

old time religion Safe-Cracker Dope Peddler Gangster and Road Preacher Billy Joe Fain

old time religion Billy Joe Fain!  He fought 8 blood hounds and cracked safes!  What a goon.  A dumb Texas criminal who became Texas preacher.  A MIRACLE!   "Getting religion to get out" is a common ruse.  Now I am not saying Billy Joe Fain faked his conversion…but whatever he did, it worked.  Pardoned by the Texas Governor in 1962 after serving 3 years for robbery.  Sentenced to 15 years but serving less than three.  From Dallas, Texas of course.

He claims to have been "one of the top forty criminals in the United States" but never really says what he did to earn the title.  I think he was only your average juvenile delinquent.  As far as I can tell, a plain old lowlife.  I guess I have to read it carefully to see exactly what made him a criminal mastermind.

He stole a bike, I think. 
He deceived his neighbors.
Under the tutelage of "Ole Pappy" the seasoned criminal, he participated in stealing a safe, but he couldn't open it. 
He robbed some poker games.
He tried dope.
He thought his Sunday school teacher was interested more in football than god.
He became the chauffeur and bodyguard for an unnamed organized crime big shot.
He "was given 95 years" in prison (though the record says 15)
He watched another prisoner cut his own veins.
The prison decided to make him "run the track" to train the bloodhounds.  Once, the bloodhounds
chewed him up, and he claims to have had his clothes torn off and left there to die. 

Not trying to escape, mind you. Working in prison as a trainer and fake dog bait.

He gets paroled and "walks into a little colored church."

He is instantly a touring preacher.

Twenty years later, Billy Joe Fain's appearance in Cocoa, Florida is fuzzy headline news!  Don't try to enlarge it, I stole it from a pay service and could get 95 years.
I prefer the story of Charles Colson, Nixon's hatchet man and dirty trickster who also converted in a Texas prison!  He tried to steal an election and ended up preaching to convicts. Um…is history repeating?  I hate to go through it again, but some of those lowlife's around Trump might start reading the bible.  For real this time.

Opening the Prisons by Billy Joe Fain (compiled by W. V. Grant) 31 pages No Date (Early 1960s)
Collection Jim Linderman


old time religion Marxist Minstrels and Black Oak Arkansas in HELL

old time religion Marxist Minstrels and Black Oak Arkansas in HELL (with Stiv Bators)

Ahh yes.  Christian nut-job David Noebel flogs his thesis that we are sinking into the depths of destruction due to the commie rock of Black Oak Arkansas! The bands he REALLY hates are the Beatles and KISS.  As for Dr. Hook, he seems to not recognize the band played satire.  You know?  I really don't think The Dead Boys were Marxists.  We won't ever know for sure...Lead singer Stiv Bators died in 1990, and I suspect Noebel thinks he is in hell.  Wherever that is.  Down under the ground somewhere, and it's hot.
 Lee Greenwood.  Now THERE is some durn good entertainment for kids.  After wowing the sparse crowd at Donald Trump's inauguration, he is a hot property again!  Greenwood comes out for Republican presidents, which means a major gig about every eight years.  He is a conservative christian...I guess you can tell because of his strict conservative dress.  Remember when wearing the flag was illegal?  Turns out it is free speech! We are a nation of laws after all!  Here Lee sports his patriotic duds.  His latest book is hot too.  Published in 2012, there are currently a few dozen copies available used at Amazon starting at ONE CENT but you have to pay the postage.
16 page pamphlet shilling "The Marxist Minstrels" by David Noebel.  Summit Ministries.  No Date.
Collection Jim Linderman